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In order to solve the problems of user's vision correction during sports. HWA MEEI Optical has invested in the research and development of high-curvature corrective lenses since 2012 and established the brand TEOS for customized corrective lenses in 2014, which focuses on creating customized corrective lenses for users, including high-curvature sports sunglasses, progressive multi-focus lenses, multi-functional relief lenses, and special function lenses.


720 armour

In 2002, 720 armour, an Australian extreme sports brand, was merged and acquired by HWA MEEI Optical and began with a business as self-owned brand. 720 armour develops sunglasses exclusive for the Asian market and combines its unique and trendy design with the production and technological development capabilities accumulated from years of competition in the international market. In this way, 720 as a brand made in Taiwan will be launched to the Asian market step by step.


Eye Fun Vision

Once the kingdom of sunglasses manufacturing, Taiwan is still the world's largest exporter of safety goggles. Nevertheless, the development of eye protection concept and eyewear culture in Taiwan has been relatively lagging behind that of European and American countries. In 2016, HWA MEEI Optical established the tourism factory Eye Fun Vision with the goal to share the history of the eyewear manufacturing industry in Taiwan and the concept of eye protection/correction to more people.


EyeCol Optical

EyeCol optical is a channel brand established by HWA MEEI Group in 2017 and E & C is not just a symbol of vision testing but also the meaning of eco-sustainability. HWA MEEI Group is looking forward that EyeCol optical can bring better products to consumers and will further integrate with the tourism factory to create a new channel brand combined with food and beverage services, which enables users to have a better experience of optometry.


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